Facebooks‘s strange behavior Update

Since I first appealed Facebook’s decision and was told it could take about 90 days for the board to decide, it has taken a whopping 9 days for them to reject my appeal as irrelevant. 

Then they took the trouble to copy and paste my appeal and advised me to look at the decisions, as it might be that my concern had been addressed, which of course it has not, not even remotely.

The Board of all Boards proof Facebook‘s decisions

We have received your appeal. Unfortunately, your case was not selected for full review by the Oversight Board. However, Facebook and the Board have noted the following about your case:

You believe that Facebook erred in a decision regarding its bullying and harassment standards.

You believe that your case is relevant to users in Ireland, Germany, Israel.

You have assigned the following keywords to your case: Discrimination, Politics, Ethnicity

The Oversight Board may have reviewed other cases similar to yours. Please check the Oversight Board’s recent decisions page.“

This reminds me a bit of the recommendation of the State Protection Service in Germany, when I was advised not to blog so as not to trigger anyone. Which I found amazing, after all, I hadn’t done anything wrong.

Oversight Board Members . Tawakkol Karman Is the last Person in the first row right side

Here it’s more or less the same situation. I don’t want to spread conspiracy theories now, but nevertheless it gives me the feeling that criticism of Facebook and verbally confronting anti-Semites have no place on Facebook. On the contrary, it is disturbing.

When I look at the board list, various names are listed and what they have done, in short, I don’t know any of them. Emi Palmor tells me something, the Nobel Prize winner, Tawakkol Karman, on the other hand, tells me nothing, so I looked into what she got the Nobel Prize for. Saleh Baidhani, author of The Arab Weekly, writes about her that she is close to the Muslim Brotherhood and that her recommendation for the Nobel Prize was supported by Qatar.

Now, I’m a bit wary of this, as but it‘s suspicious to see countries that aren’t big on human rights discrediting others, but as she seems to have a somewhat odd relationship with Israel and has been refused entry to Egypt, there seems to be some truth to the allegations. 

In any case, I’m going to think about whether I’m going to keep doing Facebook, because I know Facebook won’t even notice when I’m gone. But the more people do this, the more the other side gets the power of interpretation over pages whose opinion or orientation they don’t like.

But you can’t really go wrong with the ADL and their boycott of Facebook.

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