Facebooks‘s strange behavior Update

Since I first appealed Facebook’s decision and was told it could take about 90 days for the board to decide, it has taken a whopping 9 days for them to reject my appeal as irrelevant.  Then they took the trouble to copy and paste my appeal and advised me to look at the decisions, as it might be that my concern had been addressed, which of course it has not, not even remotely. „We have received your appeal. Unfortunately, your case was not selected for full review by the Oversight Board. However, Facebook and the Board have noted the following … Facebooks‘s strange behavior Update weiterlesen

Facebook’s strange behaviour towards extremists

This will be my only post in English, whether I will post more in English I don’t know yet. I usually post in German, even though I have lived in Ireland for a long time and the focus is Ireland, the UK and Europe. But I feel that the issue is too serious and more people should be reached to raise awareness, because for some time now I have felt that Facebook protects the extremists and punishes, like me, people who fight back. Briefly about my personal history. My father’s family were all communists, my great-grandfather was in the SED … Facebook’s strange behaviour towards extremists weiterlesen